Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Painting and the Sun
This week the weather is ideal for touching up the paintwork around the house. The sun was still warm and there was almost no wind. Between the painting sessions, I rolled out the EQ-6 with the PST and the TAL 100RS to observe the Sun every now and again. The PST just amazes me every time I use it. There where many details visible on the solar disk. In active region 0810 the sunspot and a large plage was clearly visible. There where two or three filaments on the solar disk. At the edge of the sun things where spectacular as you can see on the images below. There where two large groups of prominences. A fantastic sight.

image image
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The images where shot with the Nikon Coolpix 4500, a 15mm eyepiece, full optical zoom, exposure 1/30s, ISO 100, f / 5.1, 2274x1704 pixels. Processing: level adjustment, contrast and brightness, hue/saturation and unsharp masking.

I also had the chance to have a look at the Sun in “white light” with my new Herschel Prism mounted on the TAL 100RS. On the image below (taken with the Coolpix 4500, a neutral density 3.0 filter and a Baader Continuum filter, ISO 100, exposure 1/500s, f / 2.6, 2272x1704 pixels. Processing: Contrast/brightness and unsharp masking) you can see active region 0810 in white light. The green color is caused by the Continuum filter. I didn’t find the time for more detailed images, because…. a lot of paintwork was still waiting.


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