Sunday, November 13, 2005
Deepsky Top-100 (17): M 36, the Butterlfy Cluster
Towards the end of the year, Auriga climbs higher and higher in the night sky, and within its borders lie three of my favourite open clusters, M 36, M 37 and M 38. All three open clusters will be included in my Deepsky Top 100, but I will start with M 36, which I observed and sketched this week (8 November 2005).

Le Gentil discovered M 36 in 1749, while he was working as an assistant of Jaques Cassini at the Paris Observatory. Messier observed M 36 on 2 September 1764. It lies in Auriga, near the galactic anticenter, at a distance of 4100 light years. When you look in this direction (Auriga), you look away from the galactic centre, towards the nearest stretch of our galaxy's rim.
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