Saturday, November 26, 2005
No clear skies......
After last night’s severe snowstorms I hoped for “clear skies” this morning. But when I got up, I was in for a little surprise. It was still snowing, and according to the local weather station we will keep this weather for the most of next week: cloudy, sometimes snow, temperatures around zero degrees Celsius and ……… no clear skies!

Anyway, I decided to test our new Zeiss spotting scope on the birds again. I bought the Diascope 85 together with the zoom-eypiece, and yesterday I got two other Zeiss eyepieces from Leo (a fellow observer who lives just down the road) to test them. The quality of these eyepieces is also outstanding, good eye-relief, very clear and transparent; but for now the 20–60x zoom is just OK for me. In the near future I hope to get an adaptor to connect the Nikon Coolpix to the zoom eyepiece. I’m very pleased with the quality of the spotting scope. The images are good, but they can get a lot better when I can shoot the images using the Zeiss eyepieces. The camera will also be modified a little, but more about that later. I will keep you updated!

Today I shot two good images from a Chaffinch using Televue Plossl and the Nikon Coolpix connected to the Zeiss. I also recorded some footage from a Greenfinch with the camcorder connected to the Zeiss with a TAL 25mm Plossl. Click on the images to enlarge them or to start the movie.

image image
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