Sunday, January 08, 2006
Observing report TAL 250K
Last night, Leo and I observed the Moon, Saturn and a number of deepsky objects. We used an 8-inch Vixen Newtonian (R200SS) and a 10-inch TAL Klevtzov-Cassegrain (both mounted on a Lichtenknecker mount), combined with a Baader wide field bino-viewer. We used different Zeiss eyepieces. For wide-field viewing we also used a Zeiss 85mm Diascope with Zeiss 20-60x zoom eyepiece and two binoculars, a Vixen 15x80 and a TS 20x90. The deepsky objects observed were M 35, M 42, M 43, M 44, NGC 2264, NGC 2392, Alcor and Mizar, Cor Caroli and NGC 2261.

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