Saturday, May 20, 2006
My 20 favorite double and multiple stars, part 3: summer
8. Delta 1 and 2 Lyrae (double star)
Constellation Lyra (Lyre), magnitude 5.6 / 4.2, separation 630”, position angle 243°, RA 18h54m DEC +36°55’. Lyra is, like Bootes and Corona Borealis, a treasure trove for observers of double and multiple stars. Delta 1 and 2 Lyrae are a very wide pair of stars that can be observed with handheld binoculars, and in my 15x80 binoculars (mounted on a mirror mount) I can see a bluish-white delta 1 Lyrae and an orange delta 2 Lyrae surrounded by 10 ten fainter stars, forming a star cluster called Stephenson 1. I love to look at this, 16’ wide, open cluster using my 4-inch refractor. At a magnification of 80x to 100x I see about 15 stars. Delta 1 Lyrae and Delta 2 Lyrae are true physical members of this small open cluster.

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