Tuesday, December 19, 2006
My new 300mm dobson from Orion Optics UK
I have been observing the deepsky visually for a few years with my 8-inch TAL 200K mounted on a Synta EQ6. What I didn’t like about this setup were two things: it was a lot of work to take it apart for transport when I wanted to go to a dark sky site and the aperture was just a little too small for deepsky observing from my light polluted backyard. A lot of objects just stayed out of reach.

So I wanted a telescope that could be setup and taken apart quickly and I wanted a telescope with a little more aperture. Set-up should only take a minute or two. I also wanted to be able to put it into my small family car without any help and carry it around on my own. My lower back problems limited the weight of each component to 20 Kilograms maximum. Because of these back problems, I also wanted a telescope that allowed sit-down observing. I decided to buy a closed tube Dobson with the largest aperture I could manage on my own.
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