Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Deepsky observing with an Owl.......
Last Saturday I had a great time together with Leo. Together we observed not only some well-known deepsky objects, but also a few "new" objects. I used my 300mm Dob and got a chance to test my two new eyepieces, the 21mm Denkmeier and the 5mm Pentax XW. Leo observed with the TAL 250K. The outside temperature was between the 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. The seeing was average, but the transparency was not too good. We barely could make out all the 7 stars of Ursa Minor. But after months of rain and clouds, you are happy with every observing opportunity, so we took it with both hands. The waning last quarter Moon came up around 00.00 hours and stayed out of the way (behind some trees) until 03.00 hours. Anyway, we had a good time observing the deepsky from 22.30 until 03.00 o' clock.

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