Monday, November 30, 2009
Update on
Hi all,

I have to apologize that I have not posted a lot in 2009, but due to some personal things, my time was very limited. I did however put a lot of effort in, my new website about observing stars and starclusters. Right now I have documented 24 objects which I have observed in the last year, with sketches and very detailed observing reports: 12 open clusters and 12 stellar objects. In the next few months a hope to add a group of asterisms. Very recently I added a "search engine" to and an article about my observing reports. Just have a look at my new site. Any tips and/or comments are of course appreciated.

And here's a sketch of M44 that made it into Astronomy Sketch of the Day:


Anyway, I hope to post a little more in my blog again in the next months.

Clear skies to all of you..........

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