Monday, January 17, 2011
The belt of Orion
At the end of 2010 I added three new objects to my StarObserver website. The two open clusters: NGC 129 and Stephenson 1 and a very interesting triple star, 40 Eridani. Just click on the links to have a look at some very interesting facts and stories on these fascinating objects.

Last week I made my first ever sketch of an OB Association, Orion OB1b, also know as Collinder 70, or just as The Belt of Orion. This large group of stars is a perfect binoculars. It is centred on the three bright belt-stars of Orion, and offers stunning views. I observed them with my 8x42 (8.2 degrees FOV), 12x60 (5.6 degrees FOV) and the 15x80 (3.5 degrees FOV). In the end I used the SkyWindow and my 15x80 to make this sketch. In time an article about this wonderfull object will be added to my website, but for now, here’s the sketch to enjoy.


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