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Welcome to Clear Skies On Demand
Welcome to my new blog, Clear Skies On Demand (.... a backyard-astronomer's dream). After using my Astro Weblog for two years I decided it was time for a little change. I had the weblog completely re-designed by Moxie design studios. You can access Clear Skies In Demand through my website or directly using this link:

If you enter Clear Skies On Demand, it always will open in a new window. You can return to my website by clicking on in the banner at the top.

Due to security problems I had to remove the comments in the old Astro Weblog (spammers). Now you can register as a member (top right). Then you will be able to post comments on all entries. You can also browse through the archives by month, by date and by category.

I hope you will enjoy the new design (and of course the present and future content). Feel free to leave your comments.

Clear Skies to all of you!

Math cool smile

Posted by Math on 05/26 at 02:06 AM
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Loved your blog, Math! I’m just a beginner when it comes to backyard astronomy, but I’m an avid bird-watcher! 

I hope you got to see the meteor shower off Haley’s comet, it was truely a beautiful sight… even at 4am.  wink

Posted by Jenny  on  05/26  at  02:29 PM

Sigh, it’s cloudy again.  confused

Luckily hiking and birding can be done in almost all weather conditions!


Posted by Math  on  05/26  at  05:04 PM






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