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A crescent Moon
During my vacation on the German island Ruegen I was so lucky to see my youngest Moon until now. On the evening of June 8th 2005 just after sunset I saw a thin crescent in the northwestern sky. When I came home I checked the lunation in Virtual Moon Atlas; the Moon was 1.94 days old on the evening of June 8 around 19.30hrs UT. Below the Moon a barely visible Venus was setting.

I shot some footage with my camcorder, which I processed into the two images below. If you look very carefully at the first image, you might see a small bright spot in the clouds near the horizon just above the black band of clouds. This is Venus. The second image was shot an hour after the first image. The small black band you see below the crescent Moon are some thin clouds. Later I tried to observe the Moon with my 7x50 binoculars for some details, but for several reasons I didn't succeed. It was not dark enough, so the contrast was poor and the Moon was already very low in the northwestern sky, so the atmosphere caused a lot of turbulence.

Still, the unobstructed naked-eye view of this thin crescent Moon in a blue sky was a fantastic view on its own. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

image image

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