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PST first light
Yesterday I got my Coronado PST delivered by UPS. I mounted it on a Manfrotto tripod with video head, and around 17.00 hours local time the PST got its first light. I inserted a 12mm Vixen Lanthanum and aimed the PST at the Sun, using the Sol Ranger to centre the Sun in the field of view. After focussing the PST I used the tuning mechanism to get the maximum contrast and boy, I was really stunned with the detailed image this small telescope produces.

There where several prominences, sunspots and filaments visible, and also a very bright, almost whitish region, probably a plage. One thing I know for sure, this piece of equipment will be used very often! I will keep you updated and I hope to present you my first images produced with the PST in the next few weeks.


Posted by Math on 07/07 at 07:18 PM
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Hello Math!

I have a Coronado P.S.T also!
I would like to see a picture, how to attach
your digital camera to P.S.T!



Posted by Zsolt  on  10/09  at  04:50 AM






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