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Coolpix 4500 and solar images
In the last few weeks a few people asked me how I connect my camera to the Coronado PST. On the image below you see the Nikon Coolpix 4500 connected to a Vixen Lanthanum eyepiece using an adaptor. The eyepiece combined with the adaptor and camera goes into the focuser of the Coronado PST. You can get adaptors from Scoptronix for many camera / eyepiece combinations. Just send them an e-mail with the details of your equipment (eyepieces you use and camera you want to connect) and they will tell you which adaptor(s) to order.

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If you want to see the exact setup of my connectors for the Coolpix 4500, the Televue plossl eyepiece and the Vixen Lanthanum eyepieces, follow this link to the equipment section of my website. Here you will find a photo album with images of the complete setup.
Posted by Math on 10/09 at 08:59 PM
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