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PST lecture
Last Friday I gave a lecture about observing the Sun in H-Alpha with the Coronado PST. At the local astronomy club people got interested in the PST after I showed them the first images I shot a few weeks ago. To give them an idea of what to expect from the Coronado PST, I made a small PowerPoint presentation about using the PST, observing the Sun in white light and H-alpha, and my first results with the PST. It still amazes me (and many others) what you can see (and photograph) on the Sun with this little instrument. Filaments, plage's, active regions, flares, prominences, sunspots, its all visible with the Coronado PST. This is definitely the best value for money you can get for observing the Sun.


I also hope to show you some more result with the Baader Herschel wedge (white light), but the Sun is going lower and lower in the sky during the coming months. The Sun disappears behind the trees and stays invisible from my backyard for quite some time, so I will have to wait until next spring for more solar observing sessions. But....... when the Sun goes lower in the skies, the Moon rises higher and higher, so this is the season for lunar observing and imaging. I will keep you updated!

Posted by Math on 10/16 at 04:40 AM
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