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Camcorder astronomy
Yesterday I finally got my EZ-pix digital camera holder from ScopeTronix. I need this camera bracket to shoot live images of the moon and the sun with my Canon MVX25i camcorder. I tested the setup last night on Mars using my TAL 200K and a Tal 25mm plossl eyepiece. The seeing was lousy, Mars was right above the roof of my house, and the air was very humid. I still got some satisfying results with the camcorder at the eyepiece. With the 25mm plossl (80x) and 14 times optical zoom I was able to get the camera more or less into focus using the camcorder’s color LCD screen. With this low power eyepiece the camera showed mars in color and a broad dark mare-band with Syrtis Major was clearly visible (not really sharp, but just the outline). Of course I have to do some more testing with focussing, exposure and gain control, but the first results look very promising. Today I tested the same setup with the Coronado PST, and again the first results where very promising. The camera recorded a small prominence and a large filament without any trouble. I just have to experiment with some more powerful eyepieces (20, 15 and 12mm) to get some more detailed views. I will keep you updated.

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Posted by Math on 10/28 at 12:58 PM
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