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Flying over the Moon
Last week I shot my first “live” footage from the Moon using the camcorder and the 85mm Zeiss. The camcorder was connected to a TAL 25mm plossl with a ScopeTronix adaptor. At the moment I am waiting for a new adaptor from Eagle Eye Optics, which will enable me to connect the camcorder, the Nikon Coolpix or any other camera to the Zeiss zoom-eyepiece. This should make life a little easier. I also got a new video-head for my tripod, the Manfrotto 501. This should give me good stability for shooting lunar images with the Zeiss just using the tripod. Anyway, if you’re interested in the first results I got, click on the image below, and the movie (about 3 minutes) will start (9 mb!) Allow a little time for the movie to load.


Posted by Math on 12/14 at 04:48 AM
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I recently found your blog through another space-related blog.  I maintain a Space Blogroll; I just added your blog to the blogroll today.  Including yourself, there are now 84 blogs on the Space Blogroll.  If you want to display this blogroll on your own blog, you can find the necessary html to do so here.

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