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Searching this blog, posting comments and register for my newsletter
I just had my blog updated by Mel from "emtwo webstudios". There were a few minor (security) problems with the blog, and I'm glad that they everything is working fine again. Maybe this is the good time to tell you how to search my blog and how to post comments, because both features have been updated. At the end of the article you will find how to register for my newsletter.

Searching items in Clear Skies On Demand
There are three ways to search certain items in my blog. All three options can be found in the sidebar of the blog: Categories, Archives and Search. I will try to explain the differences between the different search methods.

You can browse through the categories and subcategories the same way you would browse through a directory structure on a hard drive. For instance, if you want to read about my solar observing sessions, just click on the subcategory “Solar log" in the category “Sun". All articles with solar observing reports will appear in the main window on the right. They will appear sorted by date. The newest entry is always at the top, the oldest at the bottom of the last page.

You can browse all entries that are in the blog, by browsing through the archives. All entries are in a SQL database, and you can browse through them by date or by category. Just click on “Monthly Archive Listing" or “Category Archive Listing" and a list will appear, with all article titles sorted by date, or by category. I personally use the Category Archive Listing a lot. It shows all the entries per Category, listed alphabetically.

This is the most powerful option to find a certain item you are looking for. Simply type in the text, for instance Copernicus or Herschel, and all entries in which this word is used will appear in a list with the title, the first lines of text of the entry and the author and date. You can go the article you want to read by clicking on the title. The search option really searches the complete database, and if a word is used somewhere in this blog, the entry will appear in the listing. If you get too much search results, narrow down your search by clicking on “Advanced Search" beneath the search window.

Posting comments
This option has been corrupted (some security issue) during the last few months, but thanks to Mel it works just fine again. How can you post a comment?

You first have to be registered as a member of my blog. You can register by clicking on “Register" in the menu at the top right of the header. Once you are registered you receive an e-mail to activate your registration. When your membership is activated you can login by clicking on “Login" in the menu at the top right of the header. When you are logged in you can post comments, and to be honest, comments are highly appreciated! Maybe I can use them to help me making the content better and more interesting for you, so feel free to log in and let me hear what you think!

A lot of people asked me "am I not registered, I subscribed to your newsletter". This is something completely different. Subscribers to my newsletter get an e-mail on a regular basis, with the most recent updates from my blog. People who become registered members can post comments. So if you also want to subscribe to my newsletter, you can do this by clicking on "subscribe here" under "About" at the top of the sidebar.

23 March 2006
Posted by Math on 03/23 at 05:30 PM
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