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Caldwell images on stamps
The Royal Mail (UK) celebrates 50 years of the BBC's Sky at Night television programme with the issue of 6 stamps that show 6 different Caldwell Objects. On the stamps you see 6 wonderful colour images of 4 planetary nebulae, a galaxy and an emission / reflection nebula.
Data on the different stamps / images:
1. 1st Class : Caldwell 55, the Saturn Nebula, planetary nebula in Aquarius
2. 1st Class : Caldwell 39, the Eskimo Nebula, planetary nebula in Gemini
3. 50 pence : Caldwell 6, the Cats Eye Nebula, planetary nebula in Draco
4. 50 pence : Caldwell 63, the Helix Nebula, planetary nebula in Aquarius
5. 72 pence : Caldwell 31, the Flaming Star Nebula, an emission / reflection nebula in Auriga (image by Robert Gendler)
6. 72 pence : Caldwell 53, the Spindle, a lenticular galaxy in Sextans
So if you are an amateur astronomer and stamp collector, this set of six celestial gems might be of interest to you! For more information and ordering the set of stamps, follow this link to the website of The Royal Mail.

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