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Star party at Bel Any
Last weekend we had a small star-party in Any Rieux Martin in the northern part of France. The weather was just wonderful and on Friday and Saturday night we could observe through the night. I had a lot of first time viewings of some fantastic objects like the Flame Nebula and the complete Rosette Nebula. I also had the chance to observe a few Messier objects near the southern horizon (M 79, M 41 and M93). A detailed report will be logged later on this month, but here are a few images that were taken on the first evening. Click on the images to enlarge.





Posted by Math on 02/13 at 01:16 PM
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Dear Math, Thankyou for welcoming me to your group. I like your website. I would like to share with you & your group, my website of my observatory that I designed & built.

Sincerely, Joseph

Posted by Joseph  on  01/27  at  09:02 PM






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