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I'm back
Well, after a turbulent five months I am glad to be back again. During this period my father became very ill, and a few weeks ago he sadly passed away in hospital after a 10-week stay on an intensive care unit. As you can imagine I had other things on my mind than maintaining my blog and site.

It is not easy to go through such dark times in your life, but luckily, there is always someone or something that helps you to forget everything for a little while, like being with your family and friends. And every now and again, I also found a little comfort being outside under the stars, alone or with Leo, a fellow observer. I didn’t log any of these short observing-sessions but simply tried to enjoy the views and forget all the troubles for a few minutes. Sitting under the stars one night, I thought about Frodo (Lord of the Rings) who gets a most wonderful gift from Lady Galadriel: the light of Earendil’s star caught in a small crystal bottle filled with water from her fountain. She presents this gift to Frodo saying:

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out”.

And that’s how I felt about the stars that night. They were lights that somehow guided me trough a dark period of my life.

Just after my father died, we went outside one evening, and in the western sky we saw a very bright Venus. My girlfriend said to me, think of this bright light as being your father, shining for us. This thought somehow was very comforting, so maybe that’s an idea for anybody who loses a dear one. Give him or her a place in the starry sky, so that when you’re under the starry sky, you have the feeling that he / she is with you. I still miss my father very much, but when I go out tonight and see Venus shining in the twilight, I will do this with positive feelings, thinking about the good times we had together. That’s what he would have wanted me to do.

Clear Skies and bright stars to all of you!
Posted by Math on 04/16 at 03:01 PM
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Glad to see you back, I sure missed you

Posted by  on  04/18  at  11:54 AM

Hi Ton, I am glad to be back! And I noticed that you registered again. So in a way I’m glad that you’re back as well! smile

Posted by Math  on  04/18  at  02:01 PM






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