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Hidden Treasures
A few weeks ago I got a new book from Steven James O-Meara: “Hidden Treasures”. This is his third Deep-Sky Companion he wrote and it is definitely my favorite read at the moment. After the well known “Messier Objects” and “Caldwell Objects” this new book, Hidden Treasures, is again about 109 deep-sky objects, but this time about objects which are not included in the Messier or Caldwell catalogs. Some of them are well known, but there are a lot of objects which were more or less new to me.

Again the whole range of deep-sky objects is included, Galaxies, Planetary Nebulae, Star Clusters (open and globular), Asterisms, Bright Nebulae, Dark Nebulae and even a High-proper motion star. Steven James O’Meara is getting better and better. I like the way he writes his deep-sky companions. There’s always a lot of information about each individual object (history, observing the object, how to find it, and up to date scientific information), and for every object a finder-chart, black and white image and a sketch. The information you get in this book is also fully consistent with the two other books in this collection.

I can highly recommend all three of them. In the English language, they are by far the best observing guides around at the moment, and Hidden Treasures is with almost 600 pages packed with information on 109 deep-sky objects the crown on this wonderful series (until now).


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