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Sketching Mars
On the night of December 11 I observed Mars from 20.30 UT until 22.00 UT. I use the 300mm Orion Optics UK on a dobsonian mount. The eyepieces used were the 12mm Nagler and the 7mm Pentax. The seeing was not to good, so I was limited to medium magnifications. Still every now and again there were some fine details visible on the surface of mars. The sketch below should is just a rough impression from what I saw that night. You can see I identified a dark area looking like a large bird. The body of the bird (central part) is Syrtis Major. The wings are Mare Tyrrehnum and Mare Serpentis. I also detected the North Pole and a dark area right above the North Pole, probably Utopia.


It was made with the using the 7mm Pentax XW, giving a magnification of 229x. Of course Mars didn’t look as big as the circle on the paper, but I like to sketch objects on a larger scale. Some of the techniques used for sketching Mars come from the book “Astronomical Sketching” from the Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series, a book which I can highly recommend.

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