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First light for the DMK 21AF04 AS
At the moment I'm testing my new camera, the DMK 21AF04 AS. I first tried the camera on the Coronado PST, and I was surprised by the result. The first image is a typical frame I selected from the 1-minute movie I shot from a prominence. The second image shows the stacked (600 frames) and processed version.



I will inform you about the equipment set-up and the stacking/processing software in the near future. Right now I'm busy reading the software manuals and experimenting with the few movies I recorded. In the end this monochrome camera will be used to shoot detailed images of the Moon, the Sun in combination with the Baader Herschel Prism/Continuum filter and the Sun in H-Alpha with the Coronado PST. I will keep you updated!

Posted by Math on 08/13 at 01:39 PM
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