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First light for the binoviewer
Today I tested my new binoviewer on the Sun. I directly connected the Baader Maxbright to the Herschel Prism on my 4-inch refractor. I had to use a 1.7 corrector to get into focus. With the 25mm Televue plossls, I achieved a magnification of 70x. My first impression was stunning, what a detail! A glowing green Sun set against a pitch-black background. But what really amazed me was the intricate detail I could see both in the sunspots of active region 1076, as in the area surrounding it. Very clear were the faculae around the whole region.

Below you see an image of the binoviewer. I also shot two pictures of the active region with the Coolpix 4500. However, the live view through the binoviewer/herschel shows much more detail than I can record with my camera.




Posted by Math on 06/05 at 11:31 AM
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