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Backyard observing marathon (Moon, Deepsky, Jupiter)

Last night was again a great night to observe. It started at 5 pm UT yesterday with the Moon and Venus, together in the south-western sky. I first aimed the sky-window and 15x80 binoculars at the moon. Looking with two eyes, the moon can be see in 3-D. Wonderful! After that I first took some pictures from

the moon and Venus together. After that I switched to the telescope and shot a few pics. Here are the first results.

The Moon and Venus in the south-western sky, 23-02-2004, 17:29 UT

Overview of the moon, 23-02-2004, 17:50 UT

I have to do some stacking and image processing and will be back with the final results!

From 10pm till 4am it was deep sky time. The night sky was very transparent. Again, as yesterday, I could detect the cancer constellation and M 44 using my naked eyes. This is not what I normally get from my light polluted backyard. I observed some double and multiple stars (zeta and iota Cancri, Algieba and Cor Caroli), NGC 2903, a very bright galaxy in Leo, three bright globular clusters (M 3, M 13 and M 53), and a carbon star, Y Canes Venaticorum (La Superba). A detailed report with sketches and finder charts will follow.

I ended the night with Jupiter. The images I got where very clear, though there was some moisture in the air. I took some pictures with my digital camera. I have to stack and process them before they go onto the website, but here is an unprocessed one to start with:

Jupiter with Callisto and Io 24-04-2004, 3.04am UT

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