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EQ6 on wheels!

Last year I bought a Synta EQ6 mount, and ever since I have been complaining about the weight of this heavy mount. I have been suffering from lower back-pain for more than 20 years, and carrying the parts of the EQ6 around the house and garden to assemble my telescope often kept me from observing. A fellow observer, Jo Smeets, constructed some wheels for the EQ-6 and since last week I can drive the telescope from my shed into the garden. No assembling or de-assembling anymore, and of course no back-problems! Even for just an hour of observing, it is no problem to get the telescope out. It takes really just a minute and I’m observing. And after the observing session, it takes just a minute to get the telescope inside.

The construction is completely made out of steel parts that are welded together. I painted it with Hammerite metal paint. The wheels are 5 inch in diameter and are attached to the steel construction with 4 bolts each. I have been driving the telescope around the garden through high grass. This is no problem for these large wheels.

Jo, thanks for this great piece of observing equipment!



Posted by Math on 04/25 at 07:32 AM
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