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July 31st: An orange Moon

On Friday night around 23:30 UT I shot some images of the Moon from my backyard. The 14-day-old Moon stood low above the southern horizon, and looked deep orange.


The colour image was shot with the Nikon Coolpix 4500 and the TAL 100RS (4-inch refractor) using a 20mm Vixen Lanthanum eyepiece.

After processing the image the contrast between the dark mare and brighter highlands become clearly visible.  In the Mare itself you can see darker and lighter patches of Mare material. The Tycho and Copernicus lunar rays are also clearly visible on the processed image.

The image was stacked and processed using Keith’s Image Stacker. I stacked 19 original images (1600x1200, 1/15s, f3.3, ISO 100, spot metering) into 1 new image. The image was processed using unsharp masking and some adjustment of levels/histogram.


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