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Magical Moon

Last night it was partly clouded, and around 7 o’clock p.m. a full Moon rose lighting the clouds. The atmosphere was almost magical. The view changed every few seconds as the clouds drifted by, and every now and again I saw Saturn right above the Moon, shining through the holes in the clouds. It is very hard to describe what I saw, and for the first hour I simply enjoyed the view with my naked eyes and a pair of 8x56 binoculars.

After that I decided to try shooting a few digital images and some video footage. Here’s an image that should give you an idea. The image was shot with the Coolpix 4500 using Bulb setting and noise reduction. Of course the Moon is over-exposed, because I wanted to photograph the beautiful clouds and Saturn as well. Saturn is not a bright dot but a litlle elongated because of the longer exposure time (25 seconds).

A magical Moon

Posted by Math on 03/27 at 02:50 PM
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