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Observing the Andromeda Galaxy

Hi All,

I just added a new article to my site in the “Focus on....” section: Observing M 31,the Andromeda Galaxy. In the article you will find a little history of observing M 31, four of my own observing reports, what to expect when observing M 31, where to find M 31 (finder chart included), a table of data on M 31, M 32 and M110, some interesting links to detailed online photographic atlases of M 31 and more. I illustrated the article with sketches Al Sufi and Charles Messier.

I also would like to thank Sue French, Robert Gendler and Martin Germano who granted me permission to use some of their images/sketches for my article. Just follow this link to read the full story.


Posted by Math on 12/04 at 03:30 PM
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