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Practicing for the Venus transit

On May 16th I made some test images of the Sun (practicing for the Venus transit). I used my TAL 200K with a full aperture solar filter made from Baader Astro Solar Safety Film. The eyepiece used is a

25mm Vixen Lanthanum ( 80x ) with a Baader contrast booster and a Baader IR/UV blocking filter attached to it.  The images where shot with the Nikon Coolpix 4500 at maximum resolution (2272 x 1704). Both images are stacked out of 5, using Keith’s Image Stacker. On both images I used unsharp masking.


The first image is an overview image of the Sun (Exp. 1/250s, f 3.0, ISO 100)


The second image shows the sunspots more detailed (25mm eyepiece, but with 4x optical zoom from the Nikon Coolpix (Exp. 1/60, f 5.1, ISO 100).

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