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Serpentine ridge, Posidonius, Atlas and Hercules

Here’s an image with some interesting lunar features. The Moon is about 5 days old. In the south you see the eastern part of Mare Serenitatis with a beautiful wrinkled ridge, looking like a snake with a forked tongue, the Serpentine ridge (Dorsa Smirnov). At the northern end of the Serpentine Ridge, lies the walled plain Posidonius, with some interesting features on the crater floor. Near the centre of Posidonius you can see a small crater, Posidonius A, surrounded by a few hills. Visually I detected a rille in the north-south direction near the western rim of Posidonius. There are more rilles across the crater floor, but I did not see them tonight (March 16th 2005). Posidonius marks the north-eastern border of Mare Serenitatis.

North of Serenitatis lies another dark area, Lacus Somniorum. North of Somniorum lies Lacus Mortis with the crater Burg at its centre. To the east of Lacus Mortis you can see the beautiful pair of craters, Hercules and Atlas, to the west you can see the rim of Aristoteles is lit by the Sun.


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