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Star Clusters by Archinal and Hynes

Among my favorite deep sky objects are open clusters and asterisms. A few weeks ago I ordered a new book on open clusters, globular clusters and asterisms: Star Clusters by Brent A. Archinal and Steven J. Hynes. Last Saturday I received this magnificent book.

It covers, in just under 500 pages, everything an observer would like to know about these beautiful objects. It contains data on 5045 individual clusters, not only in our own milky way, but also in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Magellanic Cloud’s and the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy. Besides the catalog data like magnitude, size, distance, Ra, Dec, etc.  there are extended notes on hundreds of these objects.

You will also find chapters on the history and astrophysics of open and globular clusters. Finally there is a chapter devoted to the observation of these objects. This book, with the most up-to-date catalog of star clusters, is published by Willmann-Bell Inc. ISBN 0-943396-80-8. If you are an observer of open clusters, globular clusters or asterisms, this book should be part of your library!

For some sample pages, and the table of contents please follow this link to Star Clusters.


Book cover from “Star Clusters”
Credits and Copyright: Willmann-Bell Inc.

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