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Star spectroscope arrived!

Yesterday I received my star spectroscope from Rainbow Optics (Hayward Ca. in the USA). I ordered it from Adirondack Video Astronomy . I have been looking for a spectroscope for some time, but most of them are too expensive. This one, the Rainbow Optics Spectroscope costs about 250 US dollars, a nice price for someone who wants to get his feet wet in amateur spectroscopy.

As you can see on the image below, the spectroscope

consists of two components: the grating cell and the lens cell.


The grating cell (right), holding a blazed diffraction grating with 5600 grooves, can be screwed into the bottom of a 1.25 eyepiece. The lens cell (left), containing a lens, which magnifies the image of the spectrum, can be installed on the top of the eyepiece. With an 8-inch telescope I should be able to get some spectra from stars down to the 4th magnitude. It is also possible to photograph stellar spectra with the diffraction grating.

I didn’t have the chance to test it, but I will keep you updated!

Posted by Math on 05/06 at 03:03 PM
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