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Sunspot 656

During the last few days I have been observing sunspot 656. I also shot some images. While processing the images I noticed that I really miss a good observing form for the sun as well as a registration form for the image data (how where the images shot and processed).  Yesterday I created the some forms to log all the relevant data of the images I shoot. This should help me to get a better evaluation of the images. Anyway, here are a few nice shots I took. The first image, a close up of sunspot 656, was shot on Wednesday the 11th of August; the second was shot on Sunday the 15th of August. On the second shot you see sunspot 656 near the limb of the Sun.



The images where shot using the 4 inch TAL 100RS refractor. On Sunday I compared the views of the 4 inch refractor with the 8 inch Klevtzov Cassegrain. The images through the 4-inch where definitely sharper and had more contrast. A small sunspot, nr 657, was invisible with the 8-inch, while the 4-inch clearly showed this small dark spot. The 8-inch had much more trouble with the bad seeing conditions. 

Posted by Math on 08/16 at 03:27 AM
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