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Sunspots 667, 669, 671 and 672

In the early morning of September 10, about 09.00 hrs UT I started my solar observing session. The sky was deep blue and transparent. For my visual observing I used the TAL 100RS 4-inch refractor and the 32mm Televue Plossl eyepiece. The filters I used were

the Baader Astro Solar Screen ND5 and the Baader Continuum Filter.  The overview image below shows four major groups of sunspots. On the western limb (to the right) lies group 671. Between the centre and the western limb lie two groups, 667 (the round group) and 669, an elongated group of sunspots. On the eastern limb you can see group 672.



The detailed image above shows a big group of sunspots (number 672) that seems to consist of three different elements, a big umbra/penumbra, with a smaller spot to the left, and some smaller spots on towards the limb itself. There are some huge faculae around group 672 (white areas).  The image was shot using a 20mm Vixen Lanthanum, the Baader Astro Solar Screen ND 3.8, and the IR/UV cut filter, Fringe Killer and Contrast Booster, all from Baader. This image was stacked out of 10 images 1600x1200, shot with the Nikon Coolpix 4500, shutter speed 1/2000, f 9.2, ISO 100, and 4x optical zoom. The image was processed using Keith’s Image Stacker.

The view through the eyepiece was better than all the images you see above, especially with the Baader Continuum filter. This filter blackens the umbras and penumbras, giving them much more contrast than on the images.


On the image above you see the other three groups of sunspots. On the limb lies group 671, and in the centre of the image you can see 667 and 669. Sunspot group 667 has a big round sunspot with a beautiful umbra, which is divided in two by a light-bridge. With the 12 mm Vixen Lanthanum (83x) I can see an arc of 4 to 6 little spots turning away from the big sunspot towards the centre of the solar disk.

Group 669 has a larger spot showing an umbra/penumbra to the right. the southern side (bottom) of the group shows 6 or 8 smaller spots looking like a wedge. The tip of the wedge points to the east. The image was shot and processed exactly as image number 2. 

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