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Test of the Argo Navis

Last night I had the chance to test the Argo Navis digital setting circles. About a month ago I polar-aligned my EQ6 roughly. Not all objects where in the field of view, using the Argo Navis. Last night, I polar aligned the EQ6 exactly. After that I aligned the Argo Navis on

Deneb. From then on I tested the setting circles with 40 different objects: double stars, planetary nebulae, open clusters planets, etc. All objects appeared within my 46.5’ field of view. I went from one object to the next. The Argo Navis performed perfectly. I did not have to re-align it during the night. I also noticed that exact polar alignment means that the object really stays in the centre of the field of view once you have positioned it there. You do not have to adjust the declination axis while observing.

What I found really surprising was the fact that even in the zenith, right above my head, the Argo Navis worked perfectly. It is in that area that I do most of my observing, but that is also the hardest area to navigate with the finder-scope (serious back-problems). I still love to star-hop with my binoculars and Sky Window, but with the telescope I’m glad to have these setting circles to help me. With the back-problems I have, both the Sky Window (for the binoculars) and the Argo Navis (for the EQ6 and telescope) are a great help. Anyway, if you’re interested in some digital setting circles, I can recommend the Argo Navis. When properly aligned, they work perfectly, 100%!

Posted by Math on 10/22 at 10:37 AM
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