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Topsite on observing planetary nebulae (with downloadable data)

If you are interested in observing planetary nebula, be sure to visit the Planetary Nebulae Observer’s Home Page. You will find an introduction to planetary nebulae, over 200 images, more than 1200 observing reports, data on 1143 planetaries. There are also tips on observing planetaries, the use of nebula filters and some pages with Seasonal Best Planetaries, a page for each season with 25 planetaries for beginning but also for very experienced observers.

Last but not least there are some interesting files available for downloading (word or excel). One of them is an excel file containing data on 1143 planetaries, including the common name(s), catalogue number(s), RA, DEC, Size, magnitude, surface brightness, type, distance, magnitude of central star, constellation and more.

A very informative site! Be sure to check it out.

Posted by Math on 01/22 at 08:28 AM
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