Monday, May 23, 2005
Ghost craters, floor fractured crater

On May 11 2005 I observed Petavius and Rimae Petavius with the 8 inch TAL Klevtzov-Cassegrain. Petavius is a large, complex floor fractured crater near the eastern limb of the Moon. For a detailed observing report and a digital image of the Petavius area follow this link.


The next day, on May 12 2005 I joined Leo, a fellow observer who lives just down the road, to observe the Moon through his new telescope, the TAL 250K, a 10-inch Klevtzov Cassegrain mounted on a Lichtenknecker mount. The seeing wasn’t too good, but we still had a lot of fun observing the Moon, especially Petavius and the western Mare Crisium area with two ghost craters and some old capes. For a more detailed report and some digital images of the Moon and the new telescope follow this link.

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