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On the deepsky pages you will find several observation lists made by myself or by other contributing deepsky observers.

From every list you will find:

If permitted by the author and contributor of the list, you will find a note in the brief description that the list is available as an excel file.
Please contact me by e-mail on to get the excel-file.

If you have an observing list or program which you would like to share with other observers, please also feel free to contact me. I will add it to the website and of course you will be credited for your list. The list does not have to contain a minimum number of objects.


In this section you will find some entries and sketches from my deepsky log. It will be updated regularly.


In the reports section you will find deep sky observing reports, both binocular and telescopic, covering complete observing sessions. Finder charts, and sketches included.

Top 100 for light polluted backyards

Here you will find 100 of my favorite deepsky objects that can be observed from a light polluted backyard with an 8-inch telescope. Every one or two weeks a new object will be added in the next two years. For every object there is a downloadable finder chart (PDF) generated with SkyTools 2 by Capella Soft.

Binocular objects

A selection of my favorite binocular objects for light polluted backyards. Every month one object will be added.

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